ONLINE EXHIBITIONS, Pray with gay Jesus and queer Christ images, 2005 until present. Link


JHS Gallery, a center for sacred art, Taos, NM. "Who Do You Say That I Am?" A group exhibition, May 12-June 23 2007.

The Faces of Jesus Gallery, Kansas City, MO. Selected artwork prints in the permanent collection, 2000 - present.

Open Studio at the Atlanta Mattress Factory, Atlanta, GA. A public tour and exhibition of work in the artists' studios, May 2003.

Blue Milk Group, Paradigm Artspace, Atlanta, GA. "The Political Body & Feminist Art. " A women's group exhibition, Apr. 14 - May 6, 2001.

Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation Gallery, New York, NY. "Religious Themes in Gay & Lesbian Art." A three-person exhibition, Mar. 10 - Apr. 21, 1998.

Haut Art Tour, Atlanta, GA. A paid tour of Atlanta artists' studios to benefit AID Atlanta, Oct. 5, 1997.

1996 Decatur Arts Festival, Decatur, GA. An annual juried group exhibition of Georgia artists, August 1996.

Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation Gallery, New York, NY. "VulvaVision." A group exhibition of women artists, Sept. 5 - Oct. 21, 1995.

Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA. "The Voyage Within." A solo exhibition of pre-1993 oil paintings, Aug. 11 - Oct. 1, 1994.

Richard & Westbrook Galleries at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. "Art in Motion 94." A juried exhibition of Southern figure artists in conjunction with the Georgia Games sponsored by the Spruill Center for the Arts, Jul. 14 - Aug. 25, 1994.

Gallery 800 East, Atlanta, GA. "Homo." Group exhibition of homoerotic visual and performance art. Oct. 9 - 10, 1992.

TULA Foundation Gallery, Atlanta, GA. "As I See Myself Changing." Group exhibition of women artists over age 35 dealing with life issues sponsored by Southeastern Arts Media & Education Project. Feb. 21 - Mar. 22, 1992.

Castleberry Artist Group, Atlanta, GA. Group exhibition, Nov. 30 - Dec. 15, 1991.

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